Forest Spirit Wee Ninja

Shawnimals and Noon Solar are very pleased to present this 100% organic + sustainable + handmade Forest Spirit Wee Ninja in celebration of Earth Day.

Look for it here on April 22nd!

FSWN - Logo Splash 2

FSWN - Front (numbered)

  1. Organic cotton/hemp body and thread: Fleece 55% hemp 45% cotton
  2. Natural wool mask and leaves: 100% wool felt naturally dyed
  3. Wooden eyes: Bio-degradable and natural
  4. Hemp cord: Used for the hang tag and Leaf Satchel
  5. Stuffed with kapok tree fiber: An all-natural fiber pulled from the seed pods of the kapok tree
    (Tested & endorsed by Immunology Lab Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas)
  6. 100% wool felt naturally dyed, hand-cut leaves

Other notes:
Non-toxic glue: Used to adhere mask and eyes
100% recycled paper tag printed with soy-based ink
Handmade in-house by Shawnimals
This special Handmade Edition is limited to 100pcs
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Now more than ever it's important to consider the impact we have on our environment. The Forest Ninja project is as much an exploration of the organic and sustainable materials available as it is a new addition to the Ninjatown line. By supporting the companies that produce such materials, we hope to raise awareness of what's available, and new ways to use them. In addition, we know that every component that goes into the Forest Spirit is completely bio-degradable - it won't sit in a landfill for thousands of years. The Forest Spirit came from the forest and it can become one with it some day!

This special edition Forest Spirit Wee Ninja will be available on April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day directly from the Shawnimals' shop at for $40 USD plus shipping. Forest Spirit Wee Ninja stands approximately 9" high and 9" wide.

FSWN - Picnic

FSWN - Leaf Detail FSWN - Body Detail

FSWN - Tree Hangout

More links and info:

Kapok stuffing:

Hemp fiber:

Organic cotton:

Earth Day Network:

Earth Day Wiki:

Earth Day US site:

Textiles: Fleece - 55% hemp 45% cotton

Stuffing:  Kapok stuffing - Kapok is an all-natural fiber pulled from the seed pods of the kapok tree. A sustainable, completely natural and pesticide-free product sourced from South Pacific growers, Kapok is resilient, lightweight and water resistant, which means it also resists mold. Kapok is also naturally hypo-allergenic: After harvest, our kapok is spun at a high rate of speed & air cleaned, leaving virtually no dust or pod debris. This makes it kapok stuffing an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive individuals. Our kapok has been tested & endorsed by Immunology Lab Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas. They are a world-class treatment facility for severely allergic and sensitive individuals.

Wooden eyes:

Mask: 100% wool felt naturally dyed