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Shawnimals is all about character! Lots of em, in fact. Explore our world and our many characters in a variety of new ways: Search by name, click on an area of the map, or simply choose your land below. Click to your heart's content, and make new friends! Please note: Not all characters listed are currently available. If a character is available, it will be listed in our Shop.

Shawnimaland Map Isle of Detached Shawnimals Kicky Village Protein Kingdom Foodlandia Professor Island New Hugland Cat Gremlands Hotdog Kingdom Ninjatown Lumplands Leglands Pantsylvania Blob Bog Dark Forest Evil Bun Tribe Plain Plains Bean Village Moustachio Territory Mount Feroshi Undiscovered Territory Grungle Jungle Big Blue Big Blue Big Blue Big Blue

The Lands of Shawnimaland