Wee Ninja Vinyl Sticker


As seen on Lie to Me™ starring Tim Roth on FOX!

Keep it ninja with these handy Wee Ninja vinyl stickers! Now in 5 dazzlingly stealthy colors: Original black, blue, orange with a stache, pink and green! Choose wisely, or better yet, buy a 5-pack with one of each color!

Decorate, beautify and ninjafy anything you want, but, of course, keep it above the belt. Each sticker will last for a long time indoor or out, and has special ninja info on the back. Purchase yours individually, or in a 10 or 25 pack (bulk packs are all original black)!

3-inches by 3-inches, screen-printed on durable, adhesive backed vinyl.

Sticker Printing by Sticker Robot.

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