Helping Hands Customizable Art (pair)


Get your very own handmade, custom pair of Helping Hands hand-shaped decorative art for your home or office wall! Fresh off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, these customizable are available to order and customize right here!

Here's how it works:

  1. Pick your hand shape
  2. Next pick your base color
  3. Finally choose your letters – 3 on each hand, or 6 total across both
  4. If you selected the Custom color option (+$25), then you also need to let me know what color you'd like via an RGB or CMYK value or a link to the color online

Once your order is received, your pair of hands will be made to order and shipped right to your door. Priced as a pair.

Note: Colors and hand shape approximate. Each hand is around 12-inch wide.

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