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Ninjatown Sticker Club


You'll get 12 Ninjatown-inspired stickers – 1 per month for a year + bonus stickers along the way – for the entire year! Note: price is for the entire year, and be sure to choose Ninjatown Sticker Club shipping for shipping when checking out.

The images show just a few of the stickers sent out so far, with plenty more to come!

The project is born from a love of stickers and drawing awesome things, and how illustrations and designs can still exist without being something 'official' like used as a logo. That said, some stickers may be logo-ish, others will definitely be character-based – delivered to you once a month for a year, starting right away!

Stickers are die-cut and will be various sizes, shipped in an envelope with a description of what the sticker is all about. The bonus stickers will run the gamut, but always awesome.

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