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Ninjatown®: Home of the Wee Ninja

NT x KR Pocket Ninjas (multiple styles)


Shawnimals and Kidrobot have teamed up to bring you some new Ninjatown plush! Are you ninja enough?

The line includes these super stealthy Pocket Ninjas including Classic black, Aqua Ninja, Super Ninja, Business Ninja and, of course, Zombie Ninja!

From the tag:
The beloved Pocket Ninja is considerably smaller than the regular Wee Ninja making him a pint-sized master of stealth. Some say he was born to give stealth hugs to small mammals and snatch candy from your pockets. Beware his obscene level of cute!

Other specs:

  • Adorable new styles with detailed embroidery
  • Business Ninja has a tie!
  • Super Ninja has a cape!
  • Full-color hang tag and collaborative sewn-in tag

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