Creative Prompt booklet


Straight from Shawnimals creator Shawn Smith's Resketch project; a living embodiment on how he thinks about creativity and inspiration.

While the Creative Prompts randomly inserted into each Resketch book are a real treat, sometimes you want more. Enter: Creative Prompts booklet. It's a collection of ALL of the Creative Prompts – fun, visual activities to help you get over your creative blocks – from the first volume of Prompts made for the original run of Resketch book. Four categories: Building Character, Visually-minded, Wordplay, and Inside Out; 25 Prompts in each for a total of 100 Prompts.

We have a few left from the original run, and are now offering them here for you. They're a blast, and people absolutely love them.

7 x 9-inch, staple-bound, 100 total Prompts. Four random Prompts shown (1 from each section).

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