Ninjatown Sticker Club

Ninjatown Sticker Club

You'll get 12 Ninjatown-inspired stickers – 1 per month for a year + bonus stickers along the way – for the entire year! Note: price is for the entire year, and be sure to choose Ninjatown Sticker Club shipping for shipping when checking out.

This project was initially on Kickstarter, and limited to 100 backers. We got close to that, but not quite, so the remainder of the subscriptions are now offered here!

The project is born from a love of stickers and drawing awesome things, and how illustrations and designs can still exist without being something 'official' like used as a logo. That said, some stickers may be logo-ish, others will definitely be character-based – delivered to you once a month for a year, starting right away!

Stickers are die-cut and will be various sizes, shipped in an envelope with a description of what the sticker is all about. The bonus stickers will run the gamut, but always awesome.

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