Fuzzy Friday 2016!

It's that time of year again! When we join hands, celebrate for a week or so, maybe light a series of candles, or sing some songs about old, jolly, bearded dudes, and, in general, indulge in a gift or two for someone we love or ourselves.

But instead of getting in line at some horrible big box store and freezing your buns off at 3am, instead you stand in a virtual line, supporting an indie business like Shawnimals during our special Fuzzy Friday sale! With all of my love, I say thank you, and give to you the gift that keeps on giving: FUZZY FRIDAY coupon codes, including ONE 50% code. WHAT?!?! Use them at checkout, limited use, no cash value, once gone they're gone. NOT VALID on artwork, just so you know.

Starts at 9am CST Friday November 25th at shawnimals.com. Good luck!

  • FRIDAYFUZZ50 x 50% off, 1 code
  • FRIDAYFUZZ40 x 40% off, 5 codes
  • FRIDAYFUZZ30 x 30% off, 10 codes
  • FRIDAYFUZZ20 x 20% all day long because you = awesome

Use these codes on products like these and many other...