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Shawnimals is the art and design work of its creator Shawn Smith. He has produced countless commissioned and public works and artful products over the years; some of which live in his home city of Chicago, others around the world.

For the most up-to-date look at the body of work he's producing, look no further than his Instagram feed and the piece below from Tribeca Flashpoint College.

Interested in hiring him for a mural or other art commission? Contact us via this simple form so we can better facilitate your custom artwork or mural, or email directly at artwork@shawnimals.com. You can find the shop here.

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You've made it: More ninjas, dumplings, and awesome oddities than you can handle. Sometimes toys, sometimes other kinds of collectibles, but always awesome and fun. Designed and sometimes made by Shawn Smith (also known as Shawnimal).