Ninja of the Month - Additional Info

So you want the full scoop? You got it! This is continued from this page

The other option for getting your Ninja of the Month fix is to wait and see, buying them as they’re released, hoping you can get each and every limited-edition Ninja over the next year. Also no discounts, no certificate, no free poster.

Initially, only the subscription shown here will be available until the first plush is released in early January 2010. That means if you subscribe now, we will send out the certificate and poster in time for the holiday season. However, your first plush will not arrive until mid- January. Subscriptions will be available on a first come, first served basis, until all 100 possible subscriptions are purchased, if purchased.

Likewise, as time goes on, the number of active subscriptions will diminish the number of units that are available for outright purchase (for example, 50 subscribers means 50 units available for purchase month to month rather than the original 100 units first available).

Finally, as much as we love Fliggins and his unique Discoveries, that project will be on hiatus until next year. Ninja of the Month will replace it for 2010.

Note: DISCOUNTED SHIPPING INCLUDED on US orders. Be sure to select the appropriate shipping type when checking out. International customers will be charged an additional $50 USD ($35 USD for Canada) to cover extra shipping costs for the entire year. Choose this option when paying.