And it's so warm and cozy! In short, savings time. I'm keeping it simple this year because it's better that way. Everything happens right here starting now! A couple of important things before I give you the discount info...

  • Ninjatown Sticker Club stickers will be available Friday as a mega pack! SO. MANY. STICKERS. DROOL!
  • Artwork is exempt for the big codes (sorry!)
  • BUT there are special codes just for artwork (yay!)
Without further ado, the codes:
  • 40% off - 5 coupon codes - 40FUZZY2017
  • 30% off - 5 coupon codes - 30FUZZY2017
  • 20% off everything except artwork all weekend! - 20FUZZY2017
Aaaaaand the codes for artwork:
  • 20% off artwork Friday only - 20FUZZYART
  • 10% off artwork Saturday and Sunday - 10FUZZYART
Miss out on the codes because you were tired from going to some terrible store at 2am for the newest thing that does a thing?! Sorry that happened, but don't worry – I'll have a couple of surprises for Softer Monday aka - our version of Cyber Monday. Good luck, and thanks!
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